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Don’t wait for a doctors appointment – go straight to your pharmacy
For further up to date information, including a list of ailments covered and a directory of local Pharmacies participating in Pharmacyfirst, please visit the Barnsley CCG NHS website »
  • Barnsley GPs and pharmacies are offering a new service which gives you more choice and easier access when it comes to treating minor illnesses and ailments.
  • The service is called Pharmacyfirst and means that you can get advice and/or medicines for common less serious illnesses from your local pharmacy, without having to make an appointment with your GP.
If you don’t normally pay NHS prescription charges, then any medicines supplied under the Pharmacyfirst scheme will be FREE.
  • If you do pay for your prescriptions, then the cost of the medicines should be much less that the prescription charge and you get the same great advice from your pharmacist.
  • Your pharmacist is a qualified health care professional who can help with your health problems. The pharmacist will offer you a private space to talk to you about your symptoms.
How do I know if I can use the Pharmacyfirst Scheme?

The Pharmacyfirst scheme is available to anyone registered with a Barnsley GP Practice.

What about children?

Children can be treated for certain conditions depending on their age and what medicines are available. Some medicines can only be given to younger children on prescription. Sometimes the pharmacist will need to see your child to make sure the right advice or treatment is given.

How do I know which pharmacy to go to?

The NHS Barnsley CCG website lists all pharmacies involved in the scheme that will offer treatment and/or advice. The pharmacies participating in the scheme will display a Pharcyfirst window sticker in their window. All participating pharmacies have a private consultation area.

What ailments are included in the scheme?

The NHS Barnsley CCG website lists all conditions currently covered by the scheme.

Will I always receive medicine?

No, because you may not require any. If this is the case the pharmacist will give you advice on how best to treat your symptoms. If it is appropriate the pharmacist will give you the right medicine. This medicine is only for you and should not be used for anyone else. The pharmacist will also tell you the best way to take the medicine and other ways to help manage your symptoms. If the pharmacist thinks you need to see your doctor or nurse, the pharmacist will provide you with a referral slip for you to take to your GP. This will indicate to your doctor or nurse that you have been to the pharmacy and the reason you have been referred to them.

What should I do if my symptoms persist?

It is IMPORTANT that if your symptoms persist you should seek further advice from your Pharmacist or GP. Take with you and any medication you may have been taking.

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